Industrial Vending
When implemented and used properly, industrial vending solutions can help companies ensure control over inventory, provide visibility to cost centers, and make sure that they don’t run out of what they need. It is the goal of Summers Hardware & Supply Company to not only build relationships with our customers, but build valuable partnerships with them and vending provides a great avenue for this. It is our belief that through accurate research that a detailed inventory control solution and implementation plan can be devised that will allow customers to achieve accurate inventory in their tool and maintenance cribs and lower their cost associated with inventory management.


Automated inventory management allows for the accurate stocking and distribution of inventory within a production environment. By providing complete access control to material after it has been stocked, industrial vending provides traceability and visibility of inventory and its usage. This provides for a reduction in waste of material and unforeseen shortages of SKUs. Group this with the remote monitoring features that allow for complete control of the machines software from anywhere there is internet access, the automated reporting ability that allows the software to tell you, the customer, what is going on, and a partner like Summers that is out to help you do business better and you have a solution that is sure to help ease the pains of managing your inventory.

FieldOfficeLogoVendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
As a distributor, managing inventory is at the core of what we do every day. For the rest of the world, managing inventory is one of those necessities that tend to get in the way of your daily operational goals. Well, we can help! Our staff can be your staff. Give us the responsibility of maintaining your inventory so that you don’t have to worry about it. This value added service comes at no additional charge. We will come in and organize your inventory, setup a regular counting schedule, establish inventory controls such as min/max, and make sure you always have what you need to operate.

Summers’ sees vendor managed inventory opportunities as a way to prove the value of honest and reliable service. Unlike some approaches to vendor managed inventory, Summers’ approach tries to provide maximum visibility of pricing and expenditures to our partners. We also strive to help our customers leverage our market experience to help reduce their cost by selecting and using products that will get the job done. If you are interested in a vendor managed inventory program let your outside or inside salesman know. We look forward to the opportunity to help you do business better!

index4_r1_c1Kitchen and Laundry Chemical Dispensing Systems
Do you have a kitchen or laundry at your facility? If you do talk to us about providing and maintaining your chemical dispensing systems. Whether your kitchen has a large flight type machine, a small door machine, or anything in between we have the equipment and product to help you get your dishes clean. The same goes for your laundry. It doesn’t matter whether you have a 20lb tumble washer or a large scale tunnel washer, we can install and maintain the dispensing equipment that you need to keep your laundry producing clean clothes and linens.

dema_main_logoThe best part about this service is that it is free! When you purchase your laundry and kitchen chemical products from us we will install, program, and maintain the equipment with no charge for the dispensers or the installation and no fees for service trips. Contact us let us come out and do a site survey so that we can help you do business better.