Summers is a company that prides itself on integrity, morality, and has a goal to constantly learn how to do business better. Doing business can be a vague phrase, but we define doing business not simply as making money, but rather as serving our customers and helping them be better at what they do; helping provide security and a future to our employees and their families; and bettering our local area through service and donation. It is our goal to achieve these objectives and a requirement that we daily operate with integrity and character that is above reproach.

Service to our Customers:
No business exists without customers. Because of this, we believe that it is in our best interest to help our customers do their jobs and run their businesses in the most efficient and effective ways possible. As a company it is our mission to help our customers do this by supporting and encouraging continuous process improvement, educating them about the newest materials available, and providing honest, quality service at a reasonable price.

summers oldService to our Community:
As a company and as individuals we are all members of communities. As a company we believe that it is important to support our communities and local areas. It is our mission as a company to support the local area and local education through service and donation. We also encourage each of our employees to do this on an individual basis.

Service to the Company:
Summers Hardware & Supply Co. as an organization provides means, opportunity, and resources to our customers, employees, and community. As people who make up this organization it is important that we realize and remember that we all have responsibilities and roles to play in the company, and that the way we perform those roles and manage those responsibilities defines our level of service to our customers and the quality of support that we give our co-workers. It takes the best level of effort and quality of work from each of us to make our company the best.

Service to the People and families that are Summers:
A company’s best asset should be the people that comprise the company. Summers believes that, as a company, we have an obligation to help provide for the security and future of our team members and their families. It is our mission to do this by providing a safe and happy work environment for our employees; and by giving our employees the opportunity to better themselves through education, experience, and opportunity.